Warranty & Guarantee

This ZEN8 Sports Ltd. Warranty applies to ZEN8 products sold by ZEN8 Sports Ltd.

What is Covered?

The warranty covers all manufacturing faults for the time period detailed. ZEN8 Sports Ltd. retain the right to define manufacturing faults and normal wear and tear circumstances.

The ZEN8 Swim Trainer is covered by a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

ZEN8 training equipment including, Swim Cords, ROT8 resistance bands and Goggles are covered by a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. 

Any warranty is only valid for the original owner and does not extend to any third parties. Original proof of purchase is required. 

All reasonable precautions must be taken to maintain the equipment’s conditions. We require our customers to follow the care instruction included with each purchase as well as the instructions below.

Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your equipment stays in the best condition:

  • All equipment should be stored indoors in a dry and damp-free environment using the storage bag supplied. 
  • All equipment should be used in a dry environment.
  • The ZEN8 SwimTrainer must be used on a smooth surface, we recommend placing it on top of a yoga/sports mat.
  • If you have any doubts about the suitability of your preferred location please contact us to discuss and we will advise.
  • Do not expose equipment to direct sunshine, extreme heat and harsh or abrasive substances.
  • Ensure you do not damage the Swim Trainer with fingernails and other sharp objects that may tear and rip the materials.
  • Do not put the cover in the washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Do not iron the cover.
  • Do not wash with detergent or bleach.

What is not covered?

  • The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, including peeling or fading of the material or printed logos.
  • Any costs to return the equipment if your purchase is NOT deemed a warranty.
  • Cuts to the materials from fingernails and/or other sharp objects.
  • Damage incurred due to an accident, abuse, misuse or improper use or neglect.
  • Ex-demo equipment.
  • Products that have not been purchased from ZEN8 SPORTS LTD. directly (website or official events).
  • Using our products for any activities/usage other than the intended purpose of the product.
  • Warranty is only valid if the product is assembled / installed according to the instructions / directions included with the product.
  • Items that have clear physical stress such as rips, or where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.
  • This warranty does not extend to any product that has been modified.
  • If any repair work is carried out by another company/persons other than ZEN8 SPORTS LTD. the warranty will be void.
  • Warranty is not transferred if the product is sold. Only the original purchaser with the original receipt is permitted to make warranty claims.
  • Using any ZEN8 SPORTS LTD. products in a rental or instructional program or other commercial use.
  • Improper handling or storage.

For customer service and questions regarding the warranty and instructions for  replacement, please contact us at hello@zen8swimtrainer.com

You will need your order number. Please upload images/videos of the fault to speed up our service.

If ZEN8 determines that your product is subject to warranty coverage as stated in this warranty policy, ZEN8 reserves the right in its sole discretion to either: (a) replace your product, in whole or in part, with another product that is similar in function; (b) offer credit in an amount determined by ZEN8 that can be used to purchase ZEN8 products on the ZEN8 website. You may return any defective item for a full refund but you must give ZEN8 one opportunity to repair or replace them.