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Your First Indoor Swim on the ZEN8 Swim Trainer

If it's your first time trying dry-land swim training using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer, it's important that you check out these tips from GB Pro and ZEN8 Head Coach Kieran Lindars on how to get started.

First, make sure that you set up the swim trainer in a safe environment.

The trainer requires you to balance on it and beginners should not attempt balance work until they have become more familiar with the swim trainer. Start with a wide leg stance - which you can reduce after time. After a few sessions on the Swim Trainer, you can attempt single leg workouts. Once you have mastered the single leg, balance workouts, you can attempt using the trainer without any legs touching the ground. Even professional triathletes will struggle in the beginning with their feet off the ground, so do not be discouraged if it takes you a few times to learn. 

Getting on the Swim Trainer
To get onto the swim trainer, simply walk backwards and slowly lower your body onto it. The band attachment point should be set at least 90cm off the ground. The trainer should be set up at a distance away from the attachment point where, once you are lying down with your arms stretched out infront of you, the resistance from the bands should just about hold up your hands. This is important as you need resistance as soon as you start to initiate the catch. You can watch how to set-up your Swim Trainer here.

If you have limited space
If your space is limited, you can position the bands in a slightly higher location. This can also improve the activation of certain muscles in certain drills, meaning for a more specific dry-land swim workout.

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