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Setting Up Your ZEN8 Swim Trainer

Set up your swim trainer for success


When setting up the ZEN8 indoor swim trainer you first want to establish a safe area around you. This is particularly important if you are looking at working on some exercises that require balance and core activation.



Attaching the panel bands

To set up the panel bands you need to find something strong in the house to attach them to. Kieran finds that the staircase banister is particularly useful. You can either attach the bands by their loop or by feeding the panels through the loop. You can also attach the bands between a door and a doorframe using the "anchor" next to the loop. A door handle can also be very useful and is often what Kieran uses, however, please make sure your door handles are strong enough to take the load of the bands as many are not strong enough.


Choosing the band height

You want to set the bands off the floor, slightly higher than what your hands would be when outstretched while lying down. Kieran personally finds a height between 90-120 centimetres works well - but this is up to individual preference. We recommend setting the bands up anywhere between 90-150 centimetres height.


Selecting the resistance level of the bands

The initial resistance of the bands should be just enough to hold your arms level with the body and from here you can start. This can be adjusted by either moving closer or further away with the bands. Be careful when experimenting with the height and the resistance when trying to find your own ideal starting position because subtle changes will effect the dynamics of the exercises and how hard each muscle will have to work to support the movements.


Getting on the trainer

When initially getting on the inflatable bench of the swimming trainer you have to be very careful. Kieran recommends two easy methods of getting on the trainer. The first method is that you lie on the trainer and someone hands the paddles to you. The second option is to put the paddles on your hands and slowly walk backwards before lying down on the trainer.


All set up

Now, get swimming!

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