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3 Pro Lockdown Tips for Triathletes

Looking to smash your triathlon training - even during a lockdown? GB Pro Triathlete Kieran Lindars has got you covered.


Tip 1 - Keep Your Indoor Riding Fun

Due to the wintery weather and lockdown restrictions; you must keep your cycling fun. As you will be doing the lion's share of your cycling indoors, try to have as much fun as possible with your cycling.


Kieran has two tips to keep your indoor cycling fun. The first tip is to utilise rollers, rollers are an indoor trainer that replicate road cycling as much as possible - due to the side to side motion. This also improves key balance work. Rollers can help you feel more confident when you get back on the road.


The second tip from Kieran is to utilise technology. These days there are a heap of apps that make use of virtual racing - which can make indoor training a lot more fun and immersive. Kieran also suggests joining a Discord channel or joining a riding group with friends.


Tip 2 - Working On Running Strength and Mobility

Running is the discipline where most triathletes tend to pick up injuries. This is due to tightness and weakness in our body. The winter and lockdown periods are a great chance to work on these weaknesses by improving our strength work. Being strong and mobile is particularly important for running. During a lead up to race season, being that bit more strong and mobile can make all the difference.


Tip 3 - Maintain Your Swimming Condition and Upper-Body Strength

Swimming can be one of the hardest disciplines to maintain during a lockdown. This is largely due to the closure of swimming pools, and in winter, due to the colder temperatures in open waters.

Maintaining your upper body strength can be done through upper body-exercises. Kieran personally prefers to use the ZEN8 indoor swim trainer. This is due to the ZEN8's natural lying position and specific arm action with every revolution.

This allows for Kieran to condition his arms as close as possible to swimming as he can be. This means that when Kieran does eventually get back into the pool, it will take him a lot less time to get back into his normal training routine.


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